Remembering Av Isaacs (1926–2016)

Champion of Michael Snow, Joyce Wieland passes away at the age of 89

TOP LEFT: Joyce Wieland, Boat Tragedy, 1964, Art Gallery of Ontario TOP RIGHT: Photo of Av Isaacs BOTTOM RIGHT: Michael Snow, Four Grey Panels and Four Figures, 1963, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts BOTTOM LEFT: Jack Chambers, Lunch, 1969, Art Gallery of Ontario

Today the Art Canada Institute remembers the amazing Av Isaacs (1926–2016) who passed away on January 15. Known for his legendary Isaacs Gallery in Toronto, Av’s remarkable contribution to Canadian art history includes championing Joyce Wieland, Michael Snow, Jack Chambers, William Kurelek, and Jessie Oonark, among many others. See what Canadian artists and writers have to say about his legacy in Canadian Art.