What is the ACI?
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Our programs

The Canadian Online Art Book Project
Every year, the Art Canada Institute publishes six to eight online art books on the lives and work of iconic Canadian artists, as well as on other topics central to Canadian visual culture.

The ACI Art Apps
The ACI will develop apps to allow users to discover the works of Canada’s most important artists on their phone or tablet. Thousands of historically significant works from galleries and museums across the country will be made available.

ACI Virtual Art Exhibitions
Why should the public experience of art be limited to bricks-and-mortar institutions? The ACI will function as a gallery space without walls by offering audiences regular online art exhibitions curated by the country’s leading museum and gallery professionals.

The ACI Massey Art Lecture Series
The ACI will offer public lectures by the authors of the online art books on the occasion of the publication of each new title. The ACI Massey Art Lectures are held at Massey College, University of Toronto. They are videotaped and posted on the ACI site.

The ACI Art Monograph Series
The ACI will commission and publish definitive studies on Canadian artists and key people, themes, and topics in Canadian visual culture. This series of printed monographs will grow out of the ACI Online Art Book Project.

The ACI Secondary School Art Connect
Canadian art history is not taught in the country’s secondary schools. The ACI will address this situation by creating curricula that secondary school teachers can use with their students, bringing art to young Canadians.