September 1, 2016

Celebrating Curnoe

Read the new online art book on Greg Curnoe by Judith Rodger

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Greg Curnoe (1936–1992) had a strong interest in his community and helped to spearhead London Regionalism. Primarily known as a painter, Curnoe extended his work to sculpture, video, and photography. His brightly coloured compositions and text-based elements celebrate both Canada and his anti-establishment views. Despite his untimely death, Curnoe changed the face of Canadian art by bringing regional artists into political discourse.


Read the online art book Greg Curnoe: Life & Work


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LEFT: Greg Curnoe, Large Colour Wheel, 1980, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. RIGHT: Greg Curnoe wearing a jacket with “NO” badge from the Nihilist Party of Canada, 1969. Photograph by Don Vincent.

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