September 26, 2017

Charlotte Gray delivers Goodman Lecture

ACI board director discusses bringing Canada’s history to life

Charlotte Gray, chair of the ACI Board of Directors, presents “The Past is Present: Popular History and National Consciousness” as part of the prestigious Goodman Lecture Series at Western University. Established in 1975, the lecture series includes three lectures presented by an acclaimed historian invited by the university.


Joanne Goodman Lectures
September 26, 27, and 28 2017, 2:30–4:30 p.m.
3326 Somerville House


Lecture 1
“Selling History: Education or Entertainment?” focusses on the professional relationship between popular and university-based historians.


Lecture 2
“Putting the Story on Screen” explores how Canada has been represented on both the small and big screen, specifically the popular television programs Canadian Heritage Minutes, Canada: A People’s History, and Canada: The Story of Us.


Lecture 3
“Canada’s Sesquicentennial: The post-national celebration” features an analysis of how Canada Day has been celebrated in the past, including Canada’s 150th anniversary earlier this year.

Greg Curnoe, America, July 1989, trial proof II state 2, colour lithograph on wove paper, printed by Don Holman, 73.9 x 57.6 cm, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

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