January 23, 2015

Filming Utopia

Art and Cinema at Expo 67

Expo 67, the six-month long, Montreal-based, billion-dollar World’s Fair where Canada celebrated its Centennial and showed itself off to the world, remains one of the country’s cultural stand-out moments. Artists including Joyce Wieland and Michael Snow (see our book on this artist) were invited to reimagine the world. On top of all this the Montreal exhibition included dramatic displays of film and media, where cinema was expanded beyond the frame into total environments, multi-screens, multi-image and 360-degree immersion—experiments often seen as harbingers of the digital age. This is the subject of the impressive new book Filming Utopia: Art and Cinema at Expo 67, released this week and including an essay by ACI author Johanne Sloan, who wrote Joyce Wieland: Life & Work


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LEFT: Le Pavilion du Canada. RIGHT: The film We Are Young by Francis Thompson and Alexander Hammid was shown on six screens.

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