May 17, 2018

New art books releasing 2018–19

Bertram Brooker: Life & Work by James King
Coming September 13, 2018

Best known as one of Canada’s first painters to exhibit abstract work in Canada, Bertram Brooker (1888–1955) was a remarkable visionary ahead of his time. James King illuminates how the talented polymath led a new era of the arts in Canada. Read more here.



Homer Watson: Life & Work by Brian Foss
Coming October 10, 2018

Despite having almost no artistic training, Homer Watson (1855–1936) achieved national renown after his painting The Pioneer Mill, 1880, was purchased as a gift for Queen Victoria. Brian Foss weaves a fascinating study of a painter whose “landscapes were biographical manifestos and philosophical statements.” Read more here.



Molly Lamb Bobak: Life & Work by Michelle Gewurtz
Coming November 9, 2018

Vancouver-born artist Molly Lamb Bobak (1922–2014) began her extraordinary career as the first Canadian woman war artist. In this book Michelle Gewurtz explores Bobak’s legacy as a pioneering artist and educator. Read more here.



Gershon Iskowitz: Life & Work by Ihor Holubizky
Coming February 12, 2019

Gershon Iskowitz (1921–1988) was about to begin his studies at the Academy of Arts near Warsaw, Poland, when the Nazis invaded. He survived the Holocaust by drawing on scraps of paper as a means of psychological resilience. Ihor Holubizky traces the career of this remarkable artist. Read more here.



Oviloo Tunnillie: Life & Work by Darlene Coward Wight

Coming April 16, 2019

Born in Kangia, a small camp along the coast of South Baffin Island, Oviloo Tunnillie (1949–2014) defied convention, becoming one of very few female stone carvers to achieve international fame. Darlene Coward Wight surveys the expansive career of this important artist. Read more here.



Ozias Leduc: Life & Work by Laurier Lacroix
Coming May 6, 2019

One of Quebec’s most important painters of the twentieth century, the largely self-taught Ozias Leduc (1864–1955) created more than 150 paintings, book illustrations, landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Laurier Lacroix reveals Leduc as a key figure in Canadian art history, who impacted a future generation of artists in Quebec. Read more here.

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