April 30, 2019

New art books releasing 2019 and 2020

Upcoming publications in the ACI’s Canadian Online Art Book Project

Mary Hiester Reid: Life & Work by Andrea Terry
Coming September 17, 2019

Renowned as Canada’s pre-eminent floral painter, Mary Hiester Reid (1854–1921) played a critical role in defining and pioneering nineteenth-century art. Charting Reid’s development, from her early studies in Pennsylvania to life in Canada as both an educator and a central figure in Toronto’s visual arts community, author Andrea Terry sheds new light on this one-of-a-kind Canadian artist. Read more here.

Agnes Martin: Life & Work by Christopher Régimbal
Coming October 23, 2019

Canadian-American artist Agnes Martin (1912–2004) found critical acclaim among the male-dominated art world of the 1950s and 1960s, becoming a pivotal figure between two of the era’s dominant movements: Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism. Author Christopher Régimbal investigates the singular history of this unique artist, from her Prairie childhood to her rise as an international art icon. Read more here.

Jean-Paul Riopelle: Life & Work by François-Marc Gagnon
Coming December 4, 2019

Montreal painter Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923–2002) created massive and monumental abstract works that are among the most iconic images in Canadian art. Using compelling colour combinations, dense renderings of abstract space, and novel painterly techniques, Riopelle found international fame during the mid-twentieth century. Jean-Paul Riopelle: Life & Work  is written by the late François-Marc Gagnon (1935–2019), one of the country’s most revered and influential figures in Canadian and Québécois art history. Read more here.


Sorel Etrog: Life & Work by Alma Mikulinsky
Coming February 18, 2020

Romanian-born Israeli-Canadian Sorel Etrog (1933–2014) is one of Canada’s most celebrated artists, famous for his contribution to twentieth-century sculpture. Etrog’s career, from his early paintings that blended sculpture and image making, to his monumental works in bronze that renewed artistic traditions, is given new insight by author Alma Mikulinsky. Read more here.


Mary Pratt: Life & Work by Ray Cronin
Coming April 24, 2020

Over the course of her life, Mary Pratt (1935–2018) took ordinary objects and elevated them into extraordinary subjects in a painting practice that captivated the nation. In his new book on her life and work, Ray Cronin considers how Pratt’s art enticed the viewer to consider both the beauty and the absurdity of the everyday, and how her depictions of light succeeded in transforming routine moments into charged theatrical scenes. Read more here.


Annie Pootoogook: Life & Work by Nancy G. Campbell
Coming May 22, 2020

Cape Dorset-born Annie Pootoogook (1969–2016) was the first Inuit artist who pictured and celebrated her northern community in unprecedented ways, by depicting scenes of the everyday. In this new book, Nancy G. Campbell examines how Pootoogook’s work spoke to twenty-first century realities of Northern life and why her distinct vision opened the door for many contemporary Inuit artists. Read more here.

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