June 1, 2015

Watch: ACI Massey Art Lecture on Yves Gaucher

Canadian art experts Roald Nasgaard and Adam Welch discuss revolutionary abstract artist Yves Gaucher

Greenbergian paintings are pictures that occur somewhere behind, whereas Gaucher, along with Molinari and Tousignant, operate in front of the picture plane—they are literal surfaces that set up this retina activity on the eye that happens between the viewer and the painting, in the space in between. —Dr. Roald Nasgaard


To celebrate the launch of the ACI’s Online Art Book on Yves Gaucher, Sara Angel is joined by the author, Dr. Roald Nasgaard, along with National Gallery of Canada curator Adam Welch to discuss the work of Yves Gaucher, one of Canada’s foremost abstract painters. Engaging with a range of Gaucher’s influences, including his connections with art scenes in New York and Paris, his rejection of Les Automatistes in Montreal, and his early success in printmaking, the discussion explores the artist’s emergence into the world of hard-edge chromatic abstraction. Watch the video to learn more about Gaucher’s work and its impact on abstract art in Canada and internationally.

Installation of Gaucher’s Red, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Green, Ochre No. 11, 1974, at Galerie René Blouin, Montreal, 2011 .

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