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A goldsmith at heart, Reid was most content sitting at his jeweller’s workbench, and the small-scale works he brought to life are poignant testaments to the deep joy he experienced creating art. As his artistic practice evolved and his connection to Haida culture deepened, Reid drew inspiration from well-known narratives, time and again inserting himself and his contemporary presence into an ancestral story. The monumental sculptural works that came to fruition with the assistance of many tell an equally important story. Ultimately, Reid came to prioritize the act of making, and its central role in the networked, animate relations of Haida culture.

  • Hinged Raven Bracelet, c.1955

    Hinged Raven Bracelet c.1955

  • Haida Village, 1958–62

    Haida Village 1958–62

  • Cedar Screen, 1968

    Cedar Screen 1968

  • Milky Way Necklace, 1969

    Milky Way Necklace 1969

  • The Raven Discovering Mankind in a Clamshell, 1970

    The Raven Discovering Mankind in a Clamshell 1970

  • Haida Myth of Bear Mother Dish, 1972

    Haida Myth of Bear Mother Dish 1972

  • Skidegate Dogfish Pole 1978

    Skidegate Dogfish Pole 1978

  • Dogfish Woman Transformation Pendant, 1982

    Dogfish Woman Transformation Pendant 1982

  • Killer Whale, 1982

    Killer Whale 1982

  • Phyllidula—The Shape of Frogs to Come, 1984–85

    Phyllidula—The Shape of Frogs to Come 1984–85

  • Spirit of Haida Gwaii, 1986

    Spirit of Haida Gwaii 1986

  • Loo Taas, 1986

    Loo Taas 1986

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