Kathleen Munn’s key works can be divided into two groups. The first group, from the period 1909–29, focuses on paintings reflecting her exploration of several related artistic movements, such as Post-Impressionism and Cubism; the second, 1929–39, highlights her rigorous experimentation with dynamic symmetry, culminating in her most innovative series of drawings, the Passion series.

  • Kathleen Munn, Untitled (Study of Cows), c. 1910

    Untitled (Study of Cows) c. 1910

  • Kathleen Munn, Untitled (Cows on a Hillside), c. 1916

    Untitled (Cows on a Hillside) c. 1916

  • Kathleen Munn, Untitled (Nude in Forest), c. 1923

    Untitled (Nude in Forest) c. 1923

  • Kathleen Munn, The Dance, c. 1923

    The Dance c. 1923

  • Kathleen Munn, Still Life, c. 1925

    Still Life c. 1925

  • Kathleen Munn, Composition (Reclining Nude), c. 1926–28

    Composition (Reclining Nude) c. 1926–28

  • Kathleen Munn, Untitled (Deposition), c. 1926–28

    Untitled (Deposition) c. 1926–28

  • Kathleen Munn, Untitled I, c. 1926–28

    Untitled I c. 1926–28

  • Kathleen Munn, Composition (Horses), c. 1927

    Composition (Horses) c. 1927

  • Kathleen Munn, Untitled (Descent from the Cross), c. 1927

    Untitled (Descent from the Cross) c. 1927

  • Kathleen Munn, Untitled (Crucifixion), c. 1927–28

    Untitled (Crucifixion) c. 1927–28

  • Kathleen Munn, Untitled (Four Figures in the Woods), c. 1928–30

    Untitled (Four Figures in the Woods) c. 1928–30

  • Kathleen Munn, Untitled (Two Nudes in a Landscape), c. 1928–30

    Untitled (Two Nudes in a Landscape) c. 1928–30

  • Kathleen Munn, Mother and Child, c. 1930

    Mother and Child c. 1930

  • Kathleen Munn, Descent from the Cross, c. 1934–35

    Descent from the Cross c. 1934–35

  • Kathleen Munn, The Crucifixion (Passion Series), c. 1934–35

    The Crucifixion (Passion Series) c. 1934–35

  • Kathleen Munn, Last Supper, 1938

    Last Supper 1938

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