Still Life c. 1925

Kathleen Munn, Still Life, c. 1925

Kathleen Munn, Still Life, c. 1925

Oil on canvas, 54.5 x 44.3 cm

Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton

Likely painted in the 1920s, this work is a formal exploration of space, shape, and composition. Here Munn’s palette is muted and limited in tonal range, marking a significant shift in her use of colour in painting. The objects and background are modelled; Munn is not overly interested in texture or light. Munn painted few still lifes, but she was inspired by paintings of apples by Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) and often drew this subject.


This still life is notable for including a crucifix, the tau cross. An atypical and archaic version of the crucifix, it was depicted predominantly in early medieval imagery. Munn depicted the tau cross exclusively in all her Passion series work.

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