Untitled (Deposition) c. 1926–28

Kathleen Munn, Untitled (Deposition), c. 1926–28

Kathleen Munn, Untitled (Deposition), c. 1926–28

Oil on canvas, 41.2 x 55.6 cm

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

This untitled depiction of the Deposition belongs to the second group of paintings in Munn’s Passion series, which were likely produced into the 1930s. These are much more schematic and complex than her first group of compositions such as Untitled (Crucifixion)c. 1927–28. Untitled (Deposition) appears unfinished, the underpainting and compositional lines visible. It is an experiment in paint of Munn’s explorations of dynamic symmetry principles. The most intriguing feature is the reduction of landscape to nearly unrecognizable natural forms, recalling her pure abstractions from the same period, such as Untitled I, c. 1926–28.


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