Mary Pratt’s subject was the immediate world around her, most often the objects and people within her homes in Salmonier and St. John’s, Newfoundland. She was primarily a still-life painter, but also did a series of dramatic figure studies of her friend and model Donna Meaney. She may have painted the domestic, but she responded to it viscerally. Using photographs and slides as the basis for her paintings, she tracked the effects of light on commonplace things. The works that follow begin with what she described as her first successful painting and continue through each phase of her long career.

  • The Bed, 1968

    The Bed 1968

  • Supper Table, 1969

    Supper Table 1969

  • Eviscerated Chickens, 1971

    Eviscerated Chickens 1971

  • Salmon on Saran, 1974

    Salmon on Saran 1974

  • Eggs in an Egg Crate, 1975

    Eggs in an Egg Crate 1975

  • Service Station, 1978

    Service Station 1978

  • Child with Two Adults, 1983

    Child with Two Adults 1983

  • This Is Donna, 1987

    This Is Donna 1987

  • Burning the Rhododendron, 1990

    Burning the Rhododendron 1990

  • Dinner for One, 1994

    Dinner for One 1994

  • Sunday Dinner, 1996

    Sunday Dinner 1996

  • Jelly Shelf, 1999

    Jelly Shelf 1999

  • Cherries Ripe, 2000

    Cherries Ripe 2000

  • Threads of Scarlet, Pieces of Pomegranate, 2005

    Threads of Scarlet, Pieces of Pomegranate 2005

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