Maud Lewis painted from memory and her imagination, but she also used found images that she adapted to her own style. She repeated subjects when she determined that one was particularly popular, often making dozens of versions of the same scene, and over her lifetime she painted hundreds of works, often at a pace of two or three a day. Because of the serial nature of so much of her work from the 1950s onwards, this section explores the key themes of her paintings throughout her career. They reveal Lewis’s delight in an imagined environment and yearning for the past as well as the evolution of her style and drive to create a personal world, one that culminated in a masterpiece, her painted house.

  • Child Feeding Squirrels, c.1940s

    Child Feeding Squirrels c.1940s

  • Flowers with Candle Lantern, c.1943

    Flowers with Candle Lantern c.1943

  • Deer in Winter, c.1950

    Deer in Winter c.1950

  • Three Black Cats, 1955

    Three Black Cats 1955

  • Model T Ford, c.1955–65

    Model T Ford c.1955–65

  • The Bluenose, c.1960s

    The Bluenose c.1960s

  • Oxen in Spring [Two Oxen with Yoke], c.1960s

    Oxen in Spring [Two Oxen with Yoke] c.1960s

  • Roadster and Cow, c.1960s

    Roadster and Cow c.1960s

  • Yellow Birds, c.1960s

    Yellow Birds c.1960s

  • Winter Sleigh Ride, c.1960s

    Winter Sleigh Ride c.1960s

  • Painted Cookie Tin with Flowers, c.1960s

    Painted Cookie Tin with Flowers c.1960s

  • Maud Lewis’s Painted House, n.d.

    Maud Lewis’s Painted House n.d.

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