Paterson Ewen’s artworks form a kind of autobiography. They record pivotal moments, such as his transitions from figurative to gestural painting and back, and important influences such as Post-Impressionism, Surrealism, and Japanese woodblock printing. They are a chronicle of the stylistic, thematic, and technical developments throughout the artist’s life and career. The key works presented here are not exhaustive, but they represent the characteristics—from plywood gouging to suns, moons, and other celestial bodies—that defined Ewen’s approach to making art. These works allowed Ewen to understand himself and the world around him, and they provide a portrait of an intensely personal and innovative process.

  • Paterson Ewen, Interior, Fort Street, Montreal [#1], 1951

    Interior, Fort Street, Montreal [#1] 1951

  • Paterson Ewen, Untitled, 1954

    Untitled 1954

  • Paterson Ewen, Blackout, 1960

    Blackout 1960

  • Paterson Ewen, Traces through Space, 1970

    Traces through Space 1970

  • Rocks Moving in the Current of a Stream, 1971

    Rocks Moving in the Current of a Stream 1971

  • Paterson Ewen, Solar Eclipse, 1971

    Solar Eclipse 1971

  • Paterson Ewen, The Bandaged Man, 1973

    The Bandaged Man 1973

  • Paterson Ewen, The Great Wave—Homage to Hokusai, 1974

    The Great Wave—Homage to Hokusai 1974

  • Paterson Ewen, Coastline with Precipitation, 1975

    Coastline with Precipitation 1975

  • Paterson Ewen, Gibbous Moon, 1980

    Gibbous Moon 1980

  • Paterson Ewen, Ship Wreck, 1987

    Ship Wreck 1987

  • Paterson Ewen, Satan’s Pit, 1991

    Satan’s Pit 1991

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