Emily Carr Life & Work by Lisa Baldissera

The National Gallery of Canada and the Vancouver Art Gallery have the largest number of works by Emily Carr, but her work can be found in public and private collections across Canada. Although the works listed below are held by the following institutions, they may not always be on view.

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

1040 Moss Street
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Emily Carr, Totem Walk at Sitka, 1907Watercolour on paper
38.5 x 38.5 cm

Emily Carr, Beacon Hill Park, 1909Watercolour on paper
35.2 x 51.9 cm
Emily Carr, Big Eagle, Skidigate, B.C., 1929Watercolour on paper
76.2 x 56.7 cm
Emily Carr, Blue Sky, 1936Oil on canvas
93.5 x 65 cm
Emily Carr, Odds and Ends, 1939Oil on canvas
67.4 x 109.5 cm

Art Gallery of Hamilton

123 King Street West
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Emily Carr, Yan, Q.C.I, 1912Oil on canvas
99.5 x 153 cm
Emily Carr, Sunshine and Tumult, 1938–39Oil on paper
87 x 57.1 cm

Art Gallery of Ontario

317 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1-877-255-4246 or 416-979-6648

Emily Carr, Indian Church, 1929Oil on canvas
108.6 x 68.9 cm

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

10365 Islington Avenue
Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada
905-893-1121 or 1-888-213-1121

Emily Carr, Breton Farm Yard, c. 1911Oil on paperboard
32.3 x 40.8 cm
Emily Carr, Trees in France, c. 1911Oil on canvas
35.3 x 45.5 cm
Emily Carr, Shoreline, 1936Oil on canvas
68 x 111.5 cm
Emily Carr, Dancing Sunlight, c. 1937 Oil on canvas
83.5 x 60 cm

National Gallery of Canada

380 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Emily Carr, Autumn in France, 1911Oil on paperboard
49 x 65.9 cm
Emily Carr, Cumshewa, 1912Watercolour and graphite on paper, mounted on cardboard
52 x 75.5 cm
Emily Carr, Potlatch Figure (Mimquimlees), 1912Oil on canvas
46 x 60.3 cm
Emily Carr, Bell, c. 1927Fired red clay with paint and metal wire
11 x 8.5 cm diameter
Emily Carr, Blunden Harbour, c. 1930 Oil on canvas
129.8 x 93.6 cm
Emily Carr, Grizzly Bear Totem, Angidah, Nass River, c. 1930Oil on canvas
92.5 x 54.5 cm
Emily Carr, Self-Portrait, 1938–39Oil on wove paper, mounted on plywood
85.5 x 57.7 cm

Royal British Columbia Museum

675 Belleville Street
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Emily Carr, Emily’s Old Barn Studio, c. 1891 Graphite on paper
30.4 x 22.7 cm
Emily Carr, A Study in Evolution, 1902Watercolour and ink on paper
32.5 x 63.5 cm
Emily Carr, Tanoo, Q.C.I., 1913Oil on canvas
110.5 x 170.8 cm

Emily Carr, Lower Portion of D’Sonoqua Pole, c. 1928Charcoal on paper
37.8 x 24.8 cm

Emily Carr, Sombreness Sunlit, c. 1938–40Oil on canvas
110.7 x 67.2 cm

Vancouver Art Gallery

750 Hornby Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Emily Carr, Chrysanthemums, c. 1900Oil on canvas
43.8 x 34.9 cm
Emily Carr, Totem Poles, Kitseukla, 1912Oil on canvas
126.8 x 98.4 cm

Emily Carr, Totem Mother, Kitwancool, 1928Oil on canvas
109.5 x 69 cm

Emily Carr, Vanquished, 1930Oil on canvas
92 x 129 cm
Emily Carr, Big Raven, 1931Oil on canvas
87 x 114 cm
Emily Carr, Tree Trunk, 1931Oil on canvas
129.1 x 56.3 cm
Emily Carr, Zunoqua of the Cat Village, 1931Oil on canvas
112.2 x 70.1 cm
Emily Carr, Forest, British Columbia, 1931–32Oil on canvas
130 x 86.8 cm
Emily Carr, Loggers’ Culls, 1935Oil on canvas
69 x 112.2 cm

Emily Carr, Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky, 1935Oil on canvas
112 x 68.9 cm
Emily Carr, Above the Gravel Pit, 1937Oil on canvas
77.2 x 102.3 cm