Jack Chambers Life & Work by Mark Cheetham

The Art Gallery of Ontario and Museum London have by far the largest holdings of works by Jack Chambers, but his work can be found in public and private collections across Canada. Although the works listed below are held by the following institutions, they may not always be on view.

Art Gallery of Ontario

317 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
1-877-225-4246 or 416-979-6648

Jack Chambers, Portrait of Marion and Ross Woodman, 1961Oil on wood
78.7 x 91.4 cm
Collection of Marion and Ross Woodman

Jack Chambers, McGilvary County, 1962Oil and mixed media on wood
132.9 x 120 cm
Jack Chambers, Mosaic, 1964–6616mm black and white film, sound, 9 min.
Jack Chambers, Plus Nine, 1966Silkscreen with hand painting on illustration board
25.1 x 37.8 cm
Jack Chambers, Three Pages in Time, 1966Synthetic medium on canvas
243.7 x 183.4 cm
Jack Chambers, 401 Towards London No. 1, 1968–69Oil on wood
183 x 244 cm
Jack Chambers, Circle, 1968–6916mm black and white and colour film, sound, 28 min.
Jack Chambers, Regatta No. 5, 1968–69Vacuum-formed plastic, paper acrylic
77 x 100 cm
Jack Chambers, The Hart of London, 1968–7016mm black and white and colour film, sound, 79 min.
Jack Chambers, Lunch, 1969 (unfinished)Oil and synthetic paint on wood
197.9 x 182.9 cm
Jack Chambers, Indian Drawing No. 12, 1975Graphite on paper
22.2 x 22.4 cm

Canada Council Art Bank 

150 Elgin Street 
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Jack Chambers, Untitled, 1956Oil on canvas
59.5 x 72 cm
Jack Chambers, Grass Box No. 1, 1968Oil and graphite on Plexiglas 
69.9 x 50.8 cm

Museum London

421 Ridout Street North
London, Ontario, Canada

Jack Chambers, Olga and Mary Visiting, 1964–65Oil and mixed media on Douglas fir plywood
125 x 193.7 cm
Jack Chambers, 4 Gerard, 1966Aluminum and mixed media paint on board
45 x 60.5 cm (sight), 63.5 x 76 cm (frame)
Jack Chambers, Regatta No. 1, 1968Oil and graphite on paper, mounted on Plexiglas
129.5 x 122.5 cm
Jack Chambers, Lake Huron No. 1, 1970–71Oil on wood
186 x 185 cm

National Gallery of Canada

380 Sussex Drive 
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

Jack Chambers, The Four Evangelists, 1953
Graphite on wove paper
27.6 x 21.2 cm
Jack Chambers, The Medici Madonna, 1953Graphite on wove paper 
27.6 x 21.2 cm
Jack Chambers, The Messenger Juggling Seeds, 1962Oil on plywood
163.8 x 141 cm oval; image: 137.5 x 115 cm
Jack Chambers, Plus Nine, 1966
Aluminum paint and oil on plywood
129.4 x 190.5 x 2.3 cm
Jack Chambers, Study for “The Hart of London” No. 1, 1968
Graphite on wove paper 
10.3 x 8.5 cm
Jack Chambers, Study for “The Hart of London” No. 2, 1968
Graphite on wove paper
10.3 x 5.5 cm