Jock Macdonald Life & Work by Joyce Zemans

The works of Jock Macdonald are held in collections across Canada. The Art Gallery of Ontario, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Vancouver Art Gallery have sizable collections of Macdonald’s paintings and have each hosted retrospective exhibitions of his works. A number of Macdonald’s works are also held by The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, home to a significant collection of art by members of the Painters Eleven. Although the following institutions hold the works listed below, the works may not always be on view.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre

Queen’s University
36 University Avenue
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Jock Macdonald, Scent of a Summer Garden, 1952 Watercolour and coloured inks on paper
35.6 x 45.7 cm

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

1040 Moss Street
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Jock Macdonald, The Argument, 1952Watercolour and ink on paper
24.8 x 35.5 cm
Jock Macdonald, Contemplation, 1958Oil and Lucite 44 on Masonite
68.5 x 122 cm

Art Gallery of Hamilton

123 King Street West
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Jock Macdonald, Departing Day, 1939Oil on canvas
71.5 x 56.1 cm

Jock Macdonald, Iridescent Monarch, 1957Oil, acrylic, resin, and Lucite 44 on Masonite
106.7 x 121.9 cm

Art Gallery of Ontario

317 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1-877-225-4246 or 416-979-6648

Jock Macdonald, In the White Forest, 1932Oil on canvas
66 x 76.2 cm

Jock Macdonald, Indian Church, Friendly Cove (recto of Departing Day), 1935Oil on wood panel
37.9 x 30.5 cm

Jock Macdonald, Departing Day (verso of Indian Church, Friendly Cove), 1936 (dated 1935)Oil on wood panel
37.9 x 30.5 cm

Jock Macdonald, Winter, 1938Oil on canvas
56 x 45.9 cm

Jock Macdonald, Russian Fantasy, 1946Watercolour and ink on paper
21.7 x 35.7 cm

Jock Macdonald, Untitled (Automatic), 1948Oil on canvas
69.8 x 83.8 cm

Jock Macdonald, Fabric of Dreams, 1952Watercolour on paper
37 x 46.9 cm

Jock Macdonald, From a Riviera Window, 1955Watercolour on paper
42.8 x 32.6 cm

Jock Macdonald, Twilight Forms, 1955Oil on canvas
79.8 x 99.5 cm

Jock Macdonald, Slumber Deep, 1957Oil and Lucite 44 on canvas
121.9 x 135.3 cm

Jock Macdonald, Fleeting Breath, 1959Oil and Lucite 44 on canvas
122.2 x 149.2 cm

Jock Macdonald, Heroic Mould, 1959Oil and Lucite 44 on canvas
183 x 121.8 cm

Jock Macdonald, Nature Evolving, 1960Oil and Lucite 44 on canvas
111.8 x 137.2 cm

Art Gallery of York University

Accolade East Building, York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jock Macdonald, Growing Serenity, 1960Oil and Lucite 44 on canvas
91.5 x 106.8 cm

Glenbow Museum

130 - 9 Avenue S.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T2G 0P3

Jock Macdonald, White Bark, 1954Oil on hard board
102.2 x 81.3 cm

Justina M. Barnicke Gallery at Hart House

Art Museum at the University of Toronto
7 Hart House Circle
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jock Macdonald, Airy Journey, 1957Oil and Lucite 44 on Masonite
112.5 x 127.5 cm

MacKenzie Art Gallery

3475 Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Jock Macdonald, Fugitive Articulation, 1959Oil on canvas
107 x 121.9 cm

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

10365 Islington Avenue
Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada
905-893-1121 or 1-888-213-1121

Jock Macdonald, Chrysanthemum, 1938Oil on canvas
55 x 45.6 cm

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

1380 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1-800-899-6873 or 514-285-2000

Jock Macdonald, The Wave, 1939Oil and sand on canvas
102.2 x 82 cm

Museum London

421 Ridout Street North
London, Ontario, Canada

Jock Macdonald, Desert Rim, 1957Oil and Lucite 44 on Masonite
119.7 x 134.6 cm

National Gallery of Canada

380 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1-800-319-2787 or 613-990-1985

Jock Macdonald, Lytton Church, B.C., 1930Oil on canvas
61.2 x 71.5 cm

Jock Macdonald, Flower Study, 1934Oil on fibreboard
45.7 x 38.1 cm

Jock Macdonald, Formative Colour Activity, 1934Oil on canvas
77 x 66.4 cm

Jock Macdonald, Pilgrimage, 1937Oil on canvas
78.6 x 61.2 cm

Jock Macdonald, Rain, 1938Oil on canvas
56.2 x 46.2 cm

Jock Macdonald, Thunder Clouds Over Okanagan Lake, 1944–45Oil on canvas
71.3 x 86.4 cm

Jock Macdonald, Batik, 1951Aniline dye on cotton
95.5 x 96.5 cm

Jock Macdonald, Obelisk, 1956Pyroxylin lacquer and sand on canvas
101.5 x 61.5 cm

Jock Macdonald, All Things Prevail, 1960Lucite 44 on canvas
106.7 x 122.1 cm

Jock Macdonald, Far Off Drums, 1960Oil and Lucite 44 on canvas
91.3 x 106.6 cm

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

72 Queen Street
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Jock Macdonald, Orange Bird, 1946Watercolour on paper, laid down
18.5 x 26.4 cm

Jock Macdonald, Phoenix, c. 1949Watercolour and ink on paper
25.4 x 35.7 cm

Jock Macdonald, Flood Tide, 1957Oil and Lucite 44 on Masonite
76 x 121.9 cm

Jock Macdonald, Rust of Antiquity, 1958Oil and Lucite 44 on Masonite
106.5 x 121.4 cm

Royal BC Museum

675 Belleville Street
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Jock Macdonald, The Black Tusk, Garibaldi Park, 1934Oil on board
28.9 x 36.5 cm

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

75 Belford Road
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
+44 (0)131 624 6200

Jock Macdonald, Untitled [10.20 p.m., September 16, 1945], 1945Ink on paper
22.8 x 30.4 cm

Jock Macdonald, Untitled [October 26, 1945 - 1], 1945Watercolour and ink on paper
22.3 x 30.4 cm

Jock Macdonald, Untitled [October 26, 1945 - 2], 1945Watercolour and ink on paper
22.3 x 30.3 cm

Jock Macdonald, Untitled [October 26, 1945 - 3], 1945Watercolour and ink on paper
22.8 x 30.4 cm

Vancouver Art Gallery

750 Hornby Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jock Macdonald, The Black Tusk, Garibaldi Park, B.C., 1932Oil on canvas
71 x 90.8 cm

Jock Macdonald, Graveyard of the Pacific, 1935Oil on board
31 x 38.5 cm

Jock Macdonald, Indian Burial at Nootka, 1935Ink on paper with pencil grid laid over top
7.4 x 4 cm

Jock Macdonald, Etheric Form, 1936 (dated 1934)Oil on panel
38.1 x 30.5 cm

Jock Macdonald, Nootka Lighthouse, Nootka, B.C., 1936Watercolour on paper
25 x 25.5 cm

Jock Macdonald, Fall (Modality 16), 1937Oil on canvas
71.1 x 61 cm

Jock Macdonald, Indian Burial, Nootka, 1937Oil on canvas
91.9 x 71.8 cm

Jock Macdonald, B.C. Indian Village, 1943Gouache on paper
76.3 x 101.5 cm

Jock Macdonald, Memory of Music, 1959Oil on canvas board
81 x 100 cm