Paraskeva Clark Life & Work by Christine Boyanoski

The works of Paraskeva Clark are held in public and private collections internationally. Although the following institutions hold the works listed below, they may not always be on view. This list contains only the works held in public collections discussed and illustrated in this book; many other works by Clark may be found in public collections across Canada.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre

Queen’s University
36 University Avenue
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, Sketch for Tadoussac, Boats in Dry Dock, 1944Oil on canvas board
26 x 33.3 cm

Art Gallery of Hamilton

123 King Street West
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, Overlooking a Garden, 1930Tempera and watercolour on paper 
40.1 x 51.4 cm

Paraskeva Clark, Rubber Gloves, 1935Oil on canvas
51 x 61.2 cm

Paraskeva Clark, Rain on a Window, 1963 Oil on Masonite 
96.5 x 60.8 cm

Art Gallery of Ontario

317 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
1-877-225-4246 or 416-979-6648

Paraskeva Clark, Self Portrait, 1925 Oil on canvas
28.3 x 22.2 cm
Paraskeva Clark, Muskoka View, 1931–32 Oil on canvas 
51.2 x 61.2 cm

Paraskeva Clark, Sketch for Algonquin Morning, 1953Oil on Masonite
46 x 40.8 cm

Paraskeva Clark, Studies of Philip for “Philip Clark, Esq.,” c. 1933 Graphite on wove paper 
38 x 27.8 cm

Paraskeva Clark, Philip Clark, Esq., 1933 Oil on canvas 
127.7 x 128.3 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Still Life, 1935 Oil on canvas 
68.6 x 76.2 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Russian Bath, 1936 Watercolour on paper 
Sheet: 37 x 42.3 cm

Paraskeva Clark, On Hahn’s Island, 1938 Oil on hardboard 
33.8 x 25.6 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Swamp, 1939 Oil on canvas 
76.2 x 50.8 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Landscape with Lake, 1940 Oil on canvas 
41.2 x 46 cm

Paraskeva Clark, Trout, 1940 Oil on canvas 
25.4 x 33.5 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Pavlichenko and Her Comrades at the Toronto City Hall, 1943 Oil on canvas 
86.8 x 76.6 cm
Paraskeva Clark, Percée, 1945 Oil on canvas 
51.3 x 61 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Sketch for Quaicker Girls, 1945 Oil on fibre board 
34.3 x 25.6 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Our Street in Autumn, 1945–47 Oil on canvas 
68 x 76.5 cm

Paraskeva Clark, Sun, Wind and Root, 1946 Oil on canvas 
50.8 x 61 cm

Paraskeva Clark, Building Clifton Road, 1947Oil on canvas 
76 x 51.1 cm 
Paraskeva Clark, Autumn Underfoot, 1948 Oil on canvas board 
40.6 x 50.8 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Sketch for Canoe Lake Woods, 1951 Oil on hardboard 
33.8 x 25.6 cm 

Art Gallery of Windsor

401 Riverside Drive West
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, Noon at Tadoussac, 1958 Oil on canvas 
81 x 102 cm 

Canadian War Museum

1 Vimy Place
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1-800-555-5621 or 819-776-7000

Paraskeva Clark, Maintenance Jobs in the Hangar #6, Trenton RCAF, Station, 1945 Oil on canvas
101.9 x 81.5 cm
Paraskeva Clark, Parachute Riggers, 1947 Oil on canvas 
101.7 x 81.4 cm 

Justina M. Barnicke Gallery at Hart House

Art Museum at the University of Toronto 
7 Hart House Circle 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Paraskeva Clark, In the Woods, 1939 Oil on canvas 
77.5 x 69 cm 

MTG Hawke’s Bay Tai Ahuriri

Hawke’s Bay Museums Trust, Ruawharo Ta-u-rangi
1 Tennyson Street
Napier, New Zealand
+64 6-835-7781

Paraskeva Clark, Snowfall, 1935 Oil on board 
64.6 x 54.2 cm 

Museum London

421 Ridout Street North
London, Ontario, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, Self Portrait, 1931–32 Oil on cardboard 
41 x 31 cm 

National Gallery of Canada

380 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, Myself, 1933 Oil on canvas 
101.6 x 76.7 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Wheat Field, 1936 Oil on canvas 
63.6 x 76.5 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Across the Street, 1937 Pen with blue and brown ink on wove paper 
30.2 x 23.9 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Petroushka, 1937Oil on canvas
122.4 x 81.9 cm
Paraskeva Clark, Pink Cloud, 1937 Oil on canvas 
50.9 x 60.8 cm
Paraskeva Clark, Presents from Madrid, 1937 Watercolour over graphite on wove paper 
51.5 x 62 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Study for Petroushka, 1937 Watercolour on beige cardstock 
32.2 x 20.6 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Self-Portrait with Concert Program, 1942 Oil with paper (concert program) on canvas 
76.6 x 69.8 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Still-life: Plants and Fruit, 1950 Watercolour on wove paper 
40.8 x 50.7 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Canoe Lake Woods, 1952 Oil on Masonite 
122 x 86.3 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, November Roses, 1953 Watercolour over graphite on wove paper 
67.6 x 54.4 cm 

Paraskeva Clark, Sunlight in the Woods, 1966 Oil on Masonite 
79.8 x 70 cm 

The Ottawa Art Gallery

2 Daly Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, Working Drawing for Eaton’s Windows, c. 1935 Gouache, ink, and graphite on paper
71.5 x 40.2 cm
FAC 1570
Paraskeva Clark, Working Drawing for Eaton’s Windows, c. 1935Gouache, ink, and graphite on paper
66.5 x 24.4 cm
FAC 1571

Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art

104 Fulford-Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, Caledon Farm in May, 1945 Silkscreen on paper
76.2 x 101.6 cm

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

72 Queen Street
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, October Rose, 1941Oil on canvas 
41.2 x 46.4 cm 

Tom Thomson Art Gallery

841 1 Avenue West
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, Mother and Child, 1934Ink on paper (zincography)
16.3 x 17.5 cm

University of Toronto Art Centre

Art Museum at the University of Toronto 
15 King’s College Circle, Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Paraskeva Clark, Untitled [Mount Pleasant and Roxborough at Night], 1962–63 Oil on canvas 
81.3 x 106.7 cm 

Winchester Galleries

758 Humboldt Street
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, Mother and Child, 1941(Owner’s title: Memories of Leningrad, c. 1940)
Watercolour on paper 
41.1 x 50.4 cm 

Winnipeg Art Gallery

300 Memorial Boulevard
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Paraskeva Clark, Still Life, 1950–51 Oil on Masonite 
40.7 x 45.4 cm