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The following selection shows Bertram Brooker’s range of expression: beginning with abstraction, he moved into representation and then constructed various blends of the two. Brooker’s non-representational abstract paintings from 1927 to 1931 are among the most important bodies of work in Canadian art. In a manner reminiscent of the works of William Blake (1757–1827), they are a stirring testimony to Brooker’s belief in the existence of a spiritual realm.

  • Bertram Brooker, Ultrahomo, c.1912–13

    Ultrahomo c.1912–13

  • Bertram Brooker, Oozles, c.1922-24

    Oozles c. 1922-24

  • Bertram Brooker, Sounds Assembling, 1928

    Sounds Assembling 1928

  • Bertram Brooker, Alleluiah, 1929

    Alleluiah 1929

  • Bertram Brooker, Elijah, 1929

    Elijah 1929

  • Bertram Brooker, Manitoba Willows, c.1929–31

    Manitoba Willows c.1929–31

  • Bertram Brooker, Striving, c.1930

    Striving c.1930

  • Bertram Brooker, The St. Lawrence, 1931

    The St. Lawrence 1931

  • Bertram Brooker, Figures in a Landscape, 1931

    Figures in a Landscape 1931

  • Bertram Brooker,  Still Life with Lemons, c.1936

    Still Life with Lemons c.1936

  • Bertram Brooker, The Recluse, 1939

    The Recluse 1939

  • Bertram Brooker, Kneeling Figure, 1940

    Kneeling Figure 1940

  • Bertram Brooker, The Cloud, c.1942

    The Cloud c.1942

  • Bertram Brooker, Symphonic Forms, 1947

    Symphonic Forms 1947

  • Bertram Brooker, Swing of Time, 1954

    Swing of Time 1954

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