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Active since the 1960s, Gathie Falk has achieved renown for creating significant works across diverse media, including painting, sculptural ceramics, installation, public art, and some of the first works of performance art in Canada. Falk’s interdisciplinary work is always identifiable as uniquely hers through the individuality of her hand and her characteristic exaltation of the everyday. She has built a distinctive visual language formed of a personal vocabulary of quotidian items, such as apples, eggs, fish, furniture, and clothing. Through devices such as repetition and the juxtaposition of odd pairings, she finds revelatory new modes of expression.

  • Gathie Falk, Home Environment, 1968

    Home Environment 1968

  • Gathie Falk, Some Are Egger Than I, 1969

    Some Are Egger Than I 1969

  • Gathie Falk, 196 Apples, 1969–70

    196 Apples 1969–70

  • Gathie Falk, Red Angel

    Red Angel 1972

  • Gathie Falk, Eight Red Boots, 1973

    Eight Red Boots 1973

  • Gathie Falk, Border in Four Parts, 1977–78

    Border in Four Parts 1977–78

  • Gathie Falk, Beautiful British Columbia Multiple Purpose Thermal Blanket, 1979

    Beautiful British Columbia Multiple Purpose Thermal Blanket 1979

  • Gathie Falk, Night Sky #16, 1979

    Night Sky #16 1979

  • Gathie Falk, Theatre in B/W and Colour: Bushes with Fish in Colour and Theatre in B/W and Colour: Bushes with Fish in B/W, 1984

    Theatre in B/W and Colour 1984

  • Gathie Falk, My Dog’s Bones, 1985

    My Dog’s Bones 1985

  • Gathie Falk, Soft Couch with Suit, 1986

    Soft Couch with Suit 1986

  • Gathie Falk, Dress with Insect Box, 1998

    Dress with Insect Box 1998

  • Gathie Falk, Dreaming of Flying, Canoe, 2007

    Dreaming of Flying, Canoe 2007

  • Gathie Falk, Abstract 4, 2018

    Abstract 4 2018

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