Oviloo Tunnillie’s (1949–2014) carving career spanned over forty-five years, from 1966 until 2012, when she became too ill to work. Oviloo began carving conventional representations of wildlife, but in the 1980s she gradually abandoned these for the personal and contemporary subjects that would define her work. Three years spent in southern tuberculosis hospitals as a child resulted in carved scenes of stark isolation, while the purchase of a television later in life would inspire sculptures of sports figures such as football players and a downhill skier. Whether grief-stricken or full of hope, her human figures express intense emotions solely through the medium of stone.

  • Mother and Child

    Mother and Child 1966

  • Dogs Fighting

    Dogs Fighting c.1975

  • Football Player

    Football Player 1981

  • Woman in High Heels

    Woman in High Heels 1987

  • This Has Touched My Life

    This Has Touched My Life 1991-92

  • Skier

    Skier 1993

  • Diving Sedna

    Diving Sedna 1994

  • Grieving Woman

    Grieving Woman 1997

  • Ikayukta Tunnillie Carrying Her Drawings to the Co-op

    Ikayukta Tunnillie Carrying Her Drawings to the Co-op 1997

  • Self-Portrait with Carving Stone

    Self-Portrait with Carving Stone 1998

  • Ataata (Father)

    Ataata (Father) 2002

  • Tired Woman

    Tired Woman 2008

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