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Sorel Etrog is known primarily as a sculptor, but he was a polymath who created, among other works, mixed media, drawings, paintings, performance art, text-based work, and a film. The following selection speaks to his achievements in various media, as well as to the artist’s main styles and periods. It also reveals recurring themes and motifs in Etrog’s oeuvre, such as his exploration of the human condition through the articulation of tensions between the organic and the mechanical and between stillness and movement, and the celebration of life and contemplation of death.

  • White Scaffolding, 1958

    White Scaffolding 1958 

  • War Remembrance II, 1960–61

    War Remembrance II 1960–61

  • Complexes of a Young Lady, 1962

    Complexes of a Young Lady 1962

  • Moses, 1963–65

    Moses 1963–65

  • Survivors Are Not Heroes, 1967

    Survivors Are Not Heroes 1967

  • Targets (Study after Guernica), 1969

    Targets (Study after Guernica) 1969

  • Sadko, 1971–72

    Sadko 1971–72

  • Spiral, 1974

    Spiral 1974

  • Rushman, 1974–76

    Rushman 1974–76

  • Dream Chamber, 1976

    Dream Chamber 1976

  • Sun Life, 1984

    Sun Life 1984

  • The Bodifestation of the Kite, 1984

    The Bodifestation of the Kite 1984

  • Composite 14, 1996–97

    Composite 14 1996–97

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