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William Kurelek created between an estimated 2,000 and 4,000 works of art in less than thirty years. Prolific and driven, he created easel paintings, massive murals, singular tableaus, and narrative series with multiple works. His was a diverse, even divided, oeuvre that oscillated between the nostalgic and the nightmarish. Although his early paintings are inward-looking, precise, and claustrophobic, Kurelek’s mature work is marked by more general visual propositions about the fluctuating world around him and the common struggles that divide and bind the human family.

  • William Kurelek, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, 1950

    Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1950

  • William Kurelek, Zaporozhian Cossacks, 1952

    Zaporozhian Cossacks 1952

  • William Kurelek, The Maze, 1953

    The Maze 1953

  • William Kurelek, Behold Man Without God, 1955

    Behold Man Without God 1955

  • William Kurelek, Self-Portrait, 1957

    Self-Portrait 1957

  • William Kurelek, The Passion of Christ Series, 1960–63

    And, While They Were at Table… 1960–63

  • William Kurelek, Hailstorm in Alberta, 1961

    Hailstorm in Alberta 1961

  • William Kurelek, In the Autumn of Life, 1964

    In the Autumn of Life 1964

  • William Kurelek, This Is the Nemesis, 1965

    This Is the Nemesis 1965

  • William Kurelek, Cross Section of Vinnitsia in the Ukraine, 1939, 1968

    Cross Section of Vinnitsia in the Ukraine, 1939 1968

  • William Kurelek, Reminiscences of Youth, 1968

    Reminiscences of Youth 1968

  • William Kurelek, The Ukrainian Pioneer, 1971, 1976

    The Ukrainian Pioneer 1971, 1976

  • William Kurelek, Glimmering Tapers ’round the Day’s Dead Sanctities, 1970

    Glimmering Tapers ’round the Day’s Dead Sanctities 1970

  • William Kurelek, The Painter, 1974

    The Painter 1974

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