Agnes Martin started painting relatively late in life and quickly absorbed the modernist movements of New Mexico and New York City. Over a decade she developed a rich artistic vocabulary, which set her on a creative path that she followed for the rest of her life. Her paintings and drawings defy characterization. Critics saw the Saskatchewan prairies and the high deserts of New Mexico, yet she denied the connection. Using grids to convey her idea of formlessness, she considered it an emotional state. These key works chart Martin’s early, figurative years, through to the development of her abstract work. They reveal a curiosity for artistic exploration, yet remarkable consistency.

  • New Mexico Mountain Landscape, Taos

    New Mexico Mountain Landscape, Taos 1947

  • Untitled

    Untitled 1955

  • The Laws

    The Laws 1958

  • White Flower

    White Flower 1960

  • The Tree

    The Tree 1964

  • Tundra

    Tundra 1967

  • Untitled #3

    Untitled #3 1974

  • Gabriel

    Gabriel 1976

  • The Islands I-XII

    The Islands I–XII 1979

  • Untitled #3

    Untitled #3 1989

  • With My Back to the World

    With My Back to the World 1997

  • Untitled #1

    Untitled #1 2003

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