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Alfred Pellan had a courageous and eclectic approach to art. Driven by a desire for reinvention, he was perpetually evolving. From his very first paintings, through his Modernist canvases, murals, and theatrical work, to his unusual objects and late serigraphs, he taught his audience to expect the unexpected. Pellan engaged with abstraction, played with techniques borrowed from cutting-edge movements such as Cubism and Surrealism, and eagerly explored a range of media. But a common thread runs through the artist’s varied oeuvre: he maintains a balance between line and colour that creates a sense of harmony in every work.

  • Alfred Pellan, Les fraises (Strawberries), 1920

    Strawberries 1920

  • Alfred Pellan, Instruments de musique – A (Musical Instruments – A), 1933

    Musical Instruments – A 1933

  • Alfred Pellan, Bouche rieuse (Laughing Mouth), 1935

    Laughing Mouth 1935

  • Alfred Pellan, Sans titre (Canada Ouest) (Untitled (Canada West)), 1942–43 and Alfred Pellan, Sans titre (Canada Est) (Untitled (Canada East)), 1942–43

    Untitled (Canada West) and Untitled (Canada East) 1942–43

  • Alfred Pellan, Quatre femmes (Four Women), 1944–47

    Four Women 1944–47

  • Alfred Pellan, L’amour fou (Hommage à André Breton) (Mad Love [Homage to André Breton]), 1954

    Mad Love (Homage to André Breton) 1954

  • Alfred Pellan, Jardin vert (Green Garden), 1958

    Green Garden 1958

  • Alfred Pellan, Sire André, from the artist’s book, Sept costumes et un décor pour « La nuit des rois » de Shakespeare, 1971

    Twelfth Night 1971

  • Alfred Pellan, Mini-bestiaire no 31 (Mini-Bestiary no. 31), c.1971

    Mini-Bestiary no. 31 c.1971

  • Alfred Pellan, Mutons..., 1974

    Mutons… 1974

  • Alfred Pellan, Pique-mégots, 1974

    Pique-mégots 1974

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