Emily Carr was a prolific artist. The visionary character of her art and her stylistic explorations and experimentation with different media can be seen in the following key works. They have been selected to represent the range of Carr’s innovations as well as the ambition of her work. 

  • Emily Carr, Totem Walk at Sitka, 1907

    Totem Walk at Sitka 1907

  • Emily Carr, Beacon Hill Park, 1909

    Beacon Hill Park 1909

  • Emily Carr, Autumn in France, 1911

    Autumn in France 1911

  • Emily Carr, Tanoo, Q.C.I., 1913

    Tanoo, Q.C.I. 1913

  • Emily Carr, Church in Yuquot Village, 1929

    Church in Yuquot Village 1929

  • Emily Carr, Vanquished, 1930

    Vanquished 1930

  • Emily Carr, Big Raven, 1931

    Big Raven 1931

  • Emily Carr, Forest, British Columbia, 1931–32

    Forest, British Columbia 1931-32

  • Emily Carr, Above the Gravel Pit, 1937

    Above the Gravel Pit 1937

  • Emily Carr, Self-Portrait, 1938–39

    Self-Portrait 1938-39

  • Emily Carr, Odds and Ends, 1939

    Odds and Ends 1939

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