Greg Curnoe’s works were always personal and particular, a fusion of his art and his life, laced with humour, irony, and an anti-establishment attitude. From painting to assemblage, rubber stamping to collage, small and intimate to the truly monumental, his oeuvre is astonishing in its breadth and depth. At the same time, the autobiographical nature of his work means that it features many reappearing ideas, concerns, and approaches.

  • Greg Curnoe, Drawer Full of Stuff, 1961

    Drawer Full of Stuff 1961

  • Greg Curnoe, Myself Walking North in the Tweed Coat, 1963

    Myself Walking North in the Tweed Coat 1963

  • Greg Curnoe, Four Piece Set, 1965–67

    Four Piece Set 1965–67

  • Greg Curnoe, The Camouflaged Piano or French Roundels, 1965–66

    The Camouflaged Piano or French Roundels 1965–66

  • Greg Curnoe, Homage to the R 34, October 1967–March 1968

    Homage to the R 34 [the Dorval mural] 1967–68

  • Greg Curnoe, The True North Strong and Free, #1–5, 1968

    The True North Strong and Free, #1–5 1968

  • Greg Curnoe, View of Victoria Hospital, Second Series, 1969–71

    View of Victoria Hospital, Second Series 1969–71

  • Greg Curnoe, Map of North America, 1972

    Map of North America 1972

  • Greg Curnoe, Mariposa 10 Speed No. 2, 1973

    Mariposa 10 Speed No. 2 1973

  • Greg Curnoe, Homage to Van Dongen #1 (Sheila), 1978–79

    Homage to Van Dongen #1 (Sheila) 1978–79

  • Greg Curnoe, Large Colour Wheel, 1980

    Large Colour Wheel 1980

  • Greg Curnoe, Deeds #5, August 19–22, 1991

    Deeds #5 1991

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