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  • Dallaire, Jean-Philippe (Canadian, 1916–1965)

    A painter and illustrator known for his brightly coloured works featuring fantastical characters. Born in Hull, Quebec, Dallaire worked in Ottawa before setting off to study in Paris, where he met and was greatly influenced by the Canadian artist Alfred Pellan. From 1940–44 he was interned by the Gestapo. Dallaire later taught at the École des beaux-arts in Quebec City and worked as an illustrator at the National Film Board in Ottawa.

  • Duncan, Alma (Canadian, 1917–2004)

    A painter, graphic artist, and filmmaker, Duncan worked across figurative and abstract styles in a prolific career that spanned the twentieth century. While part of the graphics department of the National Film Board of Canada in the 1940s, she met her partner Audrey McLaren, with whom she would form the experimental film company Dunclaren Productions. During the Second World War she documented industrial production related to the war effort in Montreal.

  • Dürer, Albrecht (German, 1471–1528)

    A German printmaker, painter, and theorist active during the Renaissance. Dürer is best known for his intricate woodblock prints, which transformed the medium into a respected art form like sculpture and painting. One of the most prominent figures of the Northern Renaissance, Dürer travelled to Italy and played a significant role in the exchange of artistic knowledge between northern and southern Europe. He is recognized for his religious prints and paintings, accomplished portraits and self-portraits, and treatises on perspective and human proportions.

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