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  • Gagnon, Charles (Canadian, 1934–2003)

    A Montreal artist who worked across a variety of media, including film, photography, collage, and box constructions, as well as painting. From 1956 to 1960 Gagnon studied in New York, immersing himself in the city’s avant-garde world of experimental art. Once he was back in Montreal his painting, especially his use of hard edges, was often associated with that of his Plasticien contemporaries.

  • Geuer, Juan (Dutch Canadian, 1917–2009)

    An Ottawa-based artist who explored the intersections of art, science, and technology in his multidisciplinary and conceptual practice. Born in the Netherlands, Geuer immigrated to Bolivia with his family before the Second World War and then to Canada in 1954. He spent much of his professional career as a draftsman at the Dominion Observatory in Ottawa. His collaborations with scientists at the observatory greatly influenced his acclaimed and pioneering new media work.

  • Griffiths, Eliza (Canadian, b.1965)

    A Montreal-based painter recognized for her colourful, intimate, and often emotionally and sensually charged figurative compositions. Griffiths was born in the U.K. but moved to Ottawa when she was a child. She received an MFA from Carleton University and is Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing at Concordia University in Montreal. Griffiths’ work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally.

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