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  • Sandham, Henry (Canadian, 1842–1910)

    A landscape painter, photographer, and draftsman who apprenticed with William Notman in Montreal and later lived in Boston and London, U.K., where he enjoyed a successful career as an illustrator. Sandham’s Montreal Snow Shoe Club, a composite photograph completed with Notman, won a silver medal at the world’s fair in Paris in 1878.

  • Savage, Anne (Canadian, 1896–1971)

    A painter and educator. Savage’s early work is characterized by rhythmic portrayals of Canadian landscapes, though her later paintings were abstract. She founded arts education organizations and was an original member of the Beaver Hall Group and the Canadian Group of Painters.

  • Schreiber, Charlotte (British/Canadian 1834–1922)

    A realist painter who trained in London, Charlotte Schreiber came to Canada in 1875. She was the first woman to teach at the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD University) in Toronto and one of the founding members of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Schreiber’s attention to detail in both literary and everyday scenes had a marked influence on Canadian painting in the late nineteenth century, and she is credited with bringing high realism to Canada.

  • Scott, Marian (Canadian, 1906–1993)

    Scott was a painter and teacher who experimented with many different styles, including simplified realism, abstraction, Surrealism, and Precisionism. She is best known for landscapes and cityscapes that depict the struggles of urban life. She was a founding member of the influential Contemporary Arts Society of Montreal.

  • Shadbolt, Jack (Canadian, 1909–1998)

    Primarily known as a painter and draftsman, Shadbolt studied art in London, Paris, and New York before returning to British Columbia. He taught at the Vancouver School of Art from 1945 to 1966, becoming the head of the school’s painting and drawing section. Major influences include Emily Carr and Aboriginal art of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Snow, Michael (Canadian, b.1928)

    The paintings, films, photographs, sculptures, installations, and musical performances of artist Michael Snow have kept him in the spotlight for over sixty years. Snow’s Walking Woman series of the 1960s holds a prominent place in Canadian art history. His contributions to visual art, experimental film, and music have been recognized internationally. (See Michael Snow: Life & Work by Martha Langford.)

  • Spencer, Stanley (British, 1891–1959)

    A painter of expressive portraits and multi-figure scenes. His complex compositions often evoke his Christian faith in a style reminiscent of both Neo-Raphaelitism and Cubism. Spencer lived most of his life in the English village of Cookham; his reputation soared following a posthumous retrospective at the Royal Academy in 1980.

  • Stimson, Adrian (Siksika, b.1964)

    A Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario-born, Saskatoon-based interdisciplinary artist and member of the Siksika Nation, Stimson has examined themes of history, gender, and identity in his work. The bison, an animal of great material and spiritual significance to the Siksika Nation, often appears in his art. Stimson travelled with the Canadian Forces Artists Program to Afghanistan in 2010. He received the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts in 2018.

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