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A highly personal selection, the many outstanding artists discussed in this chapter all played a role in the history of the Ottawa region, and they represent a wide range of aesthetic expressions, intents, and interests. For a number of artists, their works are rarely seen or available outside of Ottawa. In some cases these artists’ works are readily seen in local museums and galleries; others are less visible today. Yet all created art that was integral to the culture of the city for their generation. Through them we can see the extraordinary creativity that has flourished in Ottawa for thousands of years.

  • Unknown Anishinābe Artists

    Unknown Anishinābe Artists

  • Henry Pooley

    Henry Pooley

  • John William Hurrell Watts

    John William Hurrell Watts

  • William James Topley

    William James Topley

  • Franklin Brownell

    Franklin Brownell

  • Ernest Fosbery

    Ernest Fosbery

  • Florence Helena McGillivray

    Florence Helena McGillivray

  • David Milne

    David Milne

  • Pegi Nicol MacLeod

    Pegi Nicol MacLeod

  • Yousuf Karsh

    Yousuf Karsh

  • Henri Masson

    Henri Masson

  • Sarah Lavalley

    Sarah Lavalley

  • A.Y. Jackson

    A.Y. Jackson

  • Jean-Philippe Dallaire

    Jean-Philippe Dallaire

  • Alma Duncan

    Alma Duncan

  • Norman McLaren

    Norman McLaren

  • Gerald Trottier

    Gerald Trottier

  • Juan Geuer

    Juan Geuer

  • Norman Takeuchi

    Norman Takeuchi

  • Leslie Reid

    Leslie Reid

  • Evergon


  • nichola feldman-kiss

    nichola feldman-kiss

  • Ron Noganosh

    Ron Noganosh

  • Dennis Tourbin

    Dennis Tourbin

  • Farouk Kaspaules

    Farouk Kaspaules

  • Annie Pootoogook

    Annie Pootoogook

  • Eliza Griffiths

    Eliza Griffiths

  • Jinny Yu

    Jinny Yu

  • Barry Ace

    Barry Ace

  • Meryl McMaster

    Meryl McMaster

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