The extraordinary quality and special character of Gaucher’s art can be seen in the following essential works, selected to represent the major stages of his development. Keep in mind that the experience of viewing Gaucher’s work, or any abstract painting, is significantly diminished in reproduction. This applies especially to the Grey on Grey paintings. The installation shots convey the visceral presence of the works better than standard flat images.

  • Asagao

    Asagao 1961

  • In Homage to Webern No. 2

    In Homage to Webern No. 2 1963

  • Le cercle de grande réserve

    Le cercle de grande réserve 1965

  • Dusk, Calm, Signals

    Dusk, Calm, Signals 1966

  • Blue Raga

    Blue Raga 1967

  • Alap

    Alap 1967

  • Two Blues, Two Greys

    Two Blues, Two Greys 1976

  • Jericho 1

    Jericho 1 1978

  • T.D.S.

    T.D.S. 1988

  • B2 + w Ps

    B2 + w Ps 1989–90

  • Yellow, Blue & Red IV

    Yellow, Blue & Red IV 1999

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