April 27, 2015

Bright Lights Dark City

CONTACT Photography Festival exhibition explores iconic Toronto film lab

Bright Lights Dark City: Niagara Custom Lab and Toronto Experimental Film is a new exhibition curated by Kate Addleman-Frankel that explores the Niagara Street Lab and its legacy. A hub of Toronto’s famed experimental art scene, the lab has been used by iconic artists and filmmakers such as Michael Snow and Joyce Wieland. To learn more about the work of these artists download the ACI’s free online art books here, and be sure to check out the exhibition to learn more about Toronto’s rich history of experimental filmmaking. The show runs from May 1–31, 2015 at The Gladstone Hotel.

Michael Snow, La Région Centrale, 1971, 16mm film, colour, sound, 180 min., National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

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