Joyce Wieland created a remarkably diverse body of work throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The artworks selected for this section have been drawn from these two decades. They represent Wieland’s aesthetic innovation, her experimentation with non-traditional materials and media, and her commitment to making art that is socially and politically relevant.

  • Joyce Wieland, Heart On, 1961

    Heart On 1961

  • Joyce Wieland, Stranger in Town, 1963

    Stranger in Town 1963

  • Joyce Wieland, The Battery, 1963

    The Battery 1963

  • Joyce Wieland, First Integrated Film with a Short on Sailing, 1963

    First Integrated Film with a Short on Sailing 1963

  • Joyce Wieland, Boat Tragedy, 1964

    Boat Tragedy 1964

  • Joyce Wieland, Stuffed Movie, 1966

    Stuffed Movie 1966

  • Joyce Wieland, Reason over Passion, 1968

    Reason over Passion 1968

  • Joyce Wieland, Rat Life and Diet in North America, 1968

    Rat Life and Diet in North America 1968

  • Joyce Wieland, O Canada, 1970

    O Canada 1970

  • Joyce Wieland, The Water Quilt, 1970–71

    The Water Quilt 1970–71

  • Joyce Wieland, True Patriot Love, 1971

    True Patriot Love 1971

  • Joyce Wieland, The Far Shore, 1976

    The Far Shore 1976

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