In his lifetime, Norval Morrisseau created thousands of artworks, most of which are held in small private collections. His oeuvre has not been fully catalogued, but the key works selected here reflect the depth and breadth of his artistic practice.

  • Norval Morrisseau, Untitled (Thunderbird Transformation), c. 1958–60 

    Untitled (Thunderbird Transformation) c. 1958–60

  • Norval Morrisseau, Self-Portrait Devoured by Demons, 1964

    Self-Portrait Devoured by Demons 1964

  • Norval Morrisseau, Artist in Union with Mother Earth, 1972

    Artist in Union with Mother Earth 1972

  • Norval Morrisseau, Water Spirit, 1972

    Water Spirit 1972

  • Norval Morrisseau, Indian Jesus Christ, 1974

    Indian Jesus Christ 1974

  • Norval Morrisseau, The Gift, 1975

    The Gift 1975

  • Norval Morrisseau, Man Changing into Thunderbird, 1977

    Man Changing into Thunderbird 1977

  • Norval Morrisseau, The Storyteller: The Artist and His Grandfather, 1978

    The Storyteller: The Artist and His Grandfather 1978

  • Norval Morrisseau, Androgyny, 1983

    Androgyny 1983

  • Norval Morrisseau, Observations of the Astral World, c. 1994

    Observations of the Astral World c. 1994

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