The breadth of Oscar Cahén’s oeuvre was obscure until his son, Michael Cahén, inherited a collection of drawings and paintings, most of which had lain in storage for over three decades. This new accessibility has brought renewed attention to Cahén’s groundbreaking work as an illustrator and abstract painter. Cahén’s paintings are featured in many Canadian art books and can be found in museums and galleries throughout Canada. Much more is being discovered as The Cahén Archives furthers the study of Oscar Cahén’s life and work.



Key Exhibitions

Oscar Cahén first exhibited in his late teens but, aside from two known exceptions, ceased showing until 1947 as he concentrated on his illustration career. During the 1950s Cahén exhibited widely. His work has been included in major exhibitions ever since.


Art Canada Institute, Oscar Cahen Memorial Exhibition, Art Gallery of Ontario, 1959.
Installation view of Oscar Cahén Memorial Exhibition, Art Gallery of Ontario, 1959. The Cahén Archives.



November 1934, Oscar Cahén, Ole Haslund’s Hus, Copenhagen.


November 1943, Works by Mrs. Emme Frankenburg, Sam Borenstein and Oscar Cahén / Exhibition of Sketches, Watercolours and Illustrations by Oscar Cahén, Art Association of Montreal (now the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts).


October 1952, Canadian Abstract Exhibition, Oshawa YWCA and Hart House, Toronto.


October 1953, Abstracts at Home, The Robert Simpson Co., Toronto.


December 1953–February 1954, 2nd Bienal de São Paulo.


March 1954, Canadian section at the Tenth Inter-American Conference, Caracas.
October–November 1954, Oscar Cahén, Hart House, Toronto.


March–April 1955, Jack Bush, Oscar Cahén, Jacques de Tonnancour and Paul-Émile Borduas, Elsie Perrin Williams Memorial Art Gallery, London, Ontario.


April–May 1956, 20th Annual Exhibition of American Abstract Artists with “Painters Eleven” of Canada, Riverside Museum, New York.

June–July 1956, Canadian Abstract Painting, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.


September 1958–March 1959, Painters Eleven, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; toured to Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Edmonton, Kingston, Sackville.


March–April 1959, Oscar Cahén Memorial Exhibition, Art Gallery of Toronto (Art Gallery of Ontario).


March 1960, Oscar Cahén, Paintings. André Jasmin, Serigraphs. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.



September–November 1968, Oscar Cahén: First American Retrospective, Ringling Museum, Sarasota, Florida.


September–October 1972, Toronto Painting, 1953–1965, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; toured to Toronto.


October–December 1979, Painters Eleven in Retrospect, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa; toured across Canada.


December 1983–February 1984, Oscar Cahén retrospective, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; toured to St. John’s, Windsor, Edmonton, Winnipeg.


March–May 1993, The Crisis of Abstraction in Canada: The 1950s, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; toured to Quebec City, Regina, Calgary, Hamilton.


October 2011, Oscar Cahén: Canada’s Groundbreaking Illustrator, Illustration House, New York; toured to Calgary, Banff.


Selected Writings by the Artist

Oscar Cahén wrote poems, short stories, and music, only a few examples of which survive in The Cahén Archives. He also contributed one important essay on the status of illustration:


“Editorial Art in Canada in 1953.” Art Directors Club of Toronto Annual. Toronto: Art Directors Club of Toronto, 1954, 54.



Selected Critical Writing

Although very few scholars have accessed Oscar Cahén’s papers and oeuvre, many unverified claims have been repeated for years. Factual errors exist in some of the studies on the artist produced before this one, which will also have to be reviewed as new information comes to light. Nevertheless, previous scholarship brings invaluable perspectives to the appreciation of Oscar Cahén.


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Key Interviews with the Artist

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The following sources provide excellent background to past and current appreciation of Oscar Cahén.


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Art Canada Institute, Oscar Cahen, en plein air
Oscar Cahén painting en plein air.

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