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Soon after she settled in Toronto, Paraskeva Clark began to exhibit portraits, landscapes, and still lifes in oil and watercolours. She was immediately recognized as a European-trained modern artist to watch. In the later 1930s and 1940s, she focused on making art with a social purpose—and she is best known today for these paintings. The breadth of her work is remarkable, as is her passionate engagement with life around her.

  • Paraskeva Clark, Myself, 1933

    Myself 1933

  • Paraskeva Clark, Still Life, 1935

    Still Life 1935

  • Paraskeva Clark, Working Drawing for Eaton’s Windows, 1935

    Working Drawing for Eaton’s Windows 1935

  • Paraskeva Clark, Snowfall, 1935

    Snowfall 1935

  • Paraskeva Clark, Wheat Field, 1936

    Wheat Field 1936

  • Paraskeva Clark, Russian Bath, 1936

    Russian Bath 1936

  • Paraskeva Clark, Presents from Madrid, 1937

    Presents from Madrid 1937

  • Paraskeva Clark, Petroushka, 1937

    Petroushka 1937

  • Paraskeva Clark, In the Woods, 1939

    In the Woods 1939

  • Paraskeva Clark, October Rose, 1941

    October Rose 1941

  • Paraskeva Clark, Self-Portrait with Concert Program, 1942

    Self-Portrait with Concert Program 1942

  • Paraskeva Clark, Parachute Riggers, 1947

    Parachute Riggers 1947

  • Paraskeva Clark, Canoe Lake Woods, 1952

    Canoe Lake Woods 1952

  • Paraskeva Clark, Souvenirs of Leningrad: Mother and Child, 1955–56

    Souvenirs of Leningrad: Mother and Child 1955–56

  • Paraskeva Clark, Untitled [Mount Pleasant and Roxborough at Night], 1962–63

    Mount Pleasant and Roxborough at Night 1962–63

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