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Walter S. Allward (1874–1955) was a sculptor for over forty years, and over the course of his career his openness to new ideas led to radical changes in the way he handled figures and spatial composition. His landmark works, including the Baldwin–Lafontaine Monument in Ottawa, the Bell Memorial in Brantford, and his masterpiece, the Vimy Memorial in France, stand as the work of an artist in his prime with a vision entirely his own. Allward’s early monuments reflect the dominating Beaux-Arts style. Despite his mastery of this tradition, Allward sought out new approaches, finding inspiration in the work of European and American sculptors, such as Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) and Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848–1907).

  • Northwest Rebellion Monument, 1894–96

    Northwest Rebellion Monument 1894–96

  • John Graves Simcoe Monument, 1901–3

    John Graves Simcoe Monument 1901–3

  • Sir Oliver Mowat Monument, 1903–5

    Sir Oliver Mowat Monument 1903–5

  • The Old Soldier, War of 1812 Memorial, 1903–7

    The Old Soldier, War of 1812 Memorial 1903–7

  • South African War Memorial, 1904–11

    South African War Memorial 1904–11

  • Baldwin-Lafontaine Monument, 1908–14

    Baldwin-Lafontaine Monument 1908–14

  • Bell Memorial, 1909–17

    Bell Memorial 1909–17

  • The Storm, 1920

    The Storm 1920

  • Stratford War Memorial, 1919–22

    Stratford War Memorial 1919–22

  • Peterborough War Memorial, 1921–29

    Peterborough War Memorial 1921–29

  • Vimy Memorial, 1921–36

    Vimy Memorial 1921–36

  • William Lyon Mackenzie Memorial, 1936–40

    William Lyon Mackenzie Memorial 1936–40

  • The Dead Hear, 1941

    The Dead Hear 1941

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