The Art Canada Institute

invites you to

Helen McNicoll

Bringing Impressionism to Canada

Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 5:00 p.m.

Zoom Talk and Audience Q&A


on the evening of the event to access the live lecture.


In 2017 the Art Canada Institute published Helen McNicoll: Life & Work—a title on the groundbreaking painter who played a pivotal and pioneering role in popularizing Impressionism in Canada and linking this country to the art world across the Atlantic. Now McNicoll’s painting Sunny September, 1913, is the banner image of the blockbuster exhibition Canada and Impressionism: New Horizons, now on at the National Gallery of Canada. This talk will reveal how McNicoll, although deaf from childhood, garnered international recognition for her luminous rural landscapes, intimate scenes of children, and portraits of modern women, before her premature death at 35 years of age—and why her painting is more relevant today than ever.


Read Helen McNicoll: Life & Work by Samantha Burton.





Author of Helen McNicoll: Life & Work


Director and CEO,
National Gallery of Canada


Senior Curator of Canadian Art at the National Gallery of Canada


In conversation with Sara Angel
Founder and Executive Director of the Art Canada Institute



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