Curated by Mark A. Cheetham

A painter with unsurpassed technical proficiency and a bold experimenter in film, Jack Chambers (1931–1978) created his art and lived his life with passion. After studying in Spain, he returned to his hometown of London, Ontario, to challenge conventional notions of regionalism. His theoretical 1969 essay “Perceptual Realism” encouraged artists to express their primary sensory experience, not simply reproduce their surroundings. Chambers achieved prominence as both a painter and a filmmaker and was vigorous in organizing Canadian visual artists’ rights. His work is as challenging and controversial today as it was when he made it. For more on Jack Chambers read Mark A. Cheetham’s Jack Chambers: Life & Work.


Mark A. Cheetham is a professor of art history at the University of Toronto. A Guggenheim Fellow, he has published extensively on historiography and art theory, abstract art, and art in Canada. His book Landscape into Eco Art: Articulations of Nature Since the ’60s was published in 2018.

  • McGilvary County

    McGilvary County 1962

  • Olga and Mary Visiting

    Olga and Mary Visiting 1964–65

  • Plus Nine

    Plus Nine 1966

  • Regatta No. 1

    Regatta No. 1 1968

  • 401 Towards London No. 1

    401 Towards London No. 1 1968–69

  • Circle

    Circle 1968–69

  • The Hart of London

    The Hart of London 1968–70

  • Sunday Morning No. 2

    Sunday Morning No. 2 1968–70

  • Lunch

    Lunch 1969 (unfinished)

  • Victoria Hospital

    Victoria Hospital 1969–70

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