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Canadian artist Michael Snow (19282023) is one of the most inventive and original figures in contemporary art. Since the beginning of his artistic career in 1947, Snow has produced works spanning a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, film, photography, installation, performance, music, and texts. Exhibitions and writings on his œuvre have mostly concentrated on his production following the inception of his signature Walking Woman series in 1961. Focusing exclusively on the first fifteen years of Snow’s career, this exhibition explores how this period of fervent experimentation is crucial to a more fulsome appreciation of the ever-inquisitive artist’s later works.


This online exhibition has been made possible through a partnership with the Art Gallery of Hamilton, which created the exhibition Early Snow: Michael Snow 1947–1962, on view from February 8, 2020 to January 3, 2021. Early Snow was curated by James King, FRSC, Professor at McMaster University and the author of six novels and twelve biographies of writers and artists, including Michael Snow: Lives and Works. King is also the author of the Art Canada Institute publication Bertram Brooker: Life & Work.

  • Jazz Band

    Jazz Band 1947

  • Still Life: Red Goblet

    Still Life: Red Goblet August 1952

  • Colin Curd About to Play

    Colin Curd About to Play 1953

  • Ocul

    Ocul 1954

  • The Table

    The Table 1955

  • Table and Chairs No. 1

    Table and Chairs No. 1 1956

  • A to Z

    A to Z 1956

  • Move

    Move 1957

  • Colour Booth

    Colour Booth 1959

  • Quits

    Quits 1960

  • Window

    Window 1960

  • Blue Monk

    Blue Monk 1960

  • Lac Clair

    Lac Clair December 1960

  • Secret Shout

    Secret Shout January 1960

  • The Drum Book

    The Drum Book September 1960

  • Seated Nude (Red Head)

    Seated Nude (Red Head) 1955

  • Seated Nude

    Seated Nude 1955

  • January Jubilee Ladies

    January Jubilee Ladies 1961

  • Rolled Woman II

    Rolled Woman II 1961

  • Four to Five

    Four to Five 1962

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