Curated by Julia Skelly

Celebrated for her sculptural forms, defiant figures, and expressionistic colours, Prudence Heward (1896–1947) created provocative representations of female subjects. A central figure in the Montreal scene during the 1920s through to the 1940s, she was an avant-garde Canadian artist, employing principles of European modernism. Known for her feminist themes and critiqued for her depictions of black women, Heward remains one of the most innovative Canadian artists of her time. For more on Prudence Heward read Julia Skelly’s Prudence Heward: Life & Work.


Julia Skelly received a PhD from Queen’s University, and she teaches in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University. She is the author of Addiction and British Visual Culture, 1751–1919: Wasted Looks (2014) and Radical Decadence: Excess in Contemporary Feminist Textiles and Craft (2017).

  • At the Theatre

    At the Theatre 1928

  • Girl on a Hill

    Girl on a Hill 1928

  • Rollande

    Rollande 1929

  • At the Café (Miss Mabel Lockerby)

    At the Café (Miss Mabel Lockerby) c.1929

  • The Bather

    The Bather 1930

  • Girl Under a Tree

    Girl Under a Tree 1931

  • Hester

    Hester 1937

  • Girl in the Window

    Girl in the Window 1941

  • Farmer's Daughter

    Farmer's Daughter 1945

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