Celebrating Canada’s Future Artists

How do we cultivate the next generation of changemakers? What lessons can we learn from this country’s greatest visual artists? How do we creatively connect the past to thinking about the future? What role does art play in shaping the thought-leaders of tomorrow?


These questions were at the root of the Canadian Art Inspiration Student Challenge. In an unprecedented year the Art Canada Institute launched a creative challenge to reaffirm our mission: to inspire students from coast to coast with the work of this country’s artists and support its teachers in their heroic task of fostering our leaders to come.


We invited K–12 students to create works in connection to, and inspired by, Canadian art and art history. The resulting submissions revealed profoundly pan-Canadian and multicultural talent that bears witness to the incredible potential of art and its impact on young people.


We are honoured to share the work of this year’s winners with you. Their vision for the future of Canadian art is an inspiration to us all.

  • Solanne Bianchi Melchin

    Solanne Bianchi Melchin First Place Winner, Grades 10–12

  • Raven Martin

    Raven Martin Honourable Mention, Grades 10–12

  • Sydney Lunde-Ingrey

    Sydney Lunde-Ingrey Honourable Mention, Grades 10–12

  • Danielle Alexander

    Danielle Alexander Honourable Mention, Grades 10–12

  • Sammy Keeb Rich

    Sammy Keeb Rich Honourable Mention, Grades 10–12

  • Angel Frimpong

    Angel Frimpong Honourable Mention, Grades 10–12

  • Khadijat Dairo

    Khadijat Dairo First Place Winner, Grades 7–9

  • Cianna Chin

    Cianna Chin Honourable Mention, Grades 7–9

  • Krisetianna King

    Krisetianna King Honourable Mention, Grades 7–9

  • Anna Stocker

    Anna Stocker Honourable Mention, Grades 7–9

  • Kate Kang

    Kate Kang Honourable Mention, Grades 7–9

  • Max Shniger

    Max Shniger First Place Winner, Grades 4–6

  • Maxwell Stone

    Maxwell Stone First Place Winner, Grade K–3

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