Alex Colville’s career spanned over seventy years and comprised hundreds of works. Consistent in his dedication to figuration and allegorical compositions, Colville kept returning to the same major themes: family life, desire, individual will, and relationships between men and women, humans and animals, nature and the machine, and, above all, order and chaos. This selection of Colville’s works illuminates the path of his artistic development, resulting in images that have filtered into the collective imagination of the Canadian public.

  • Alex Colville, Infantry, Near Nijmegen, Holland, 1946

    Infantry, Near Nijmegen, Holland 1946

  • Alex Colville, Nude and Dummy, 1950

    Nude and Dummy 1950

  • Alex Colville, Three Girls on a Wharf, 1953

    Three Girls on a Wharf 1953

  • Alex Colville, Horse and Train, 1954

    Horse and Train 1954

  • Alex Colville, To Prince Edward Island, 1965

    To Prince Edward Island 1965

  • Alex Colville, Pacific, 1967

    Pacific 1967

  • Alex Colville, Centennial Coins, 1967

    Centennial Coins 1967

  • Alex Colville, Woman in Bathtub, 1973

    Woman in Bathtub 1973

  • Alex Colville, Refrigerator, 1977

    Refrigerator 1977

  • Alex Colville, Black Cat, 1996

    Black Cat 1996

  • Alex Colville, West Brooklyn Road, 1996

    West Brooklyn Road 1996

  • Alex Colville, Studio, 2000

    Studio 2000

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