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The artists in this section—among which many more could have been included—have all had an enduring impact on the arts in Halifax. Some played a role without ever having lived here, because their careers had significant influence on artists and institutions in the city. Others have used Halifax as a base, a place to return to periodically or one that is always, for whatever idiosyncratic reasons, “home.” Still others spent—or continue to spend—their lives here, fostering the arts in the city and building legacies. Some just arrived for a while and tried to make a living. All have left their mark.

  • Once-Known Mi’kmaw Artist

    Once-Known Mi’kmaw Artist

  • Richard Short

    Richard Short (active 1748–1777)


  • Robert Field

    Robert Field (c.1769–1819)

  • William Valentine

    William Valentine (1798–1849)

  • Christianne Morris

    Christianne Morris (c.1804–1886)

  • Maria Morris Miller

    Maria Morris Miller (1810–1875)

  • John O’Brien

    John O’Brien (1831–1891)

  • Forshaw Day

    Forshaw Day (1831–1903)

  • Frances Jones (Bannerman)

    Frances Jones (Bannerman) (1855–1944)

  • Edith Smith

    Edith Smith (1867–1954)

  • Henry M. Rosenberg

    Henry M. Rosenberg (1858–1947)

  • Arthur Lismer

    Arthur Lismer (1885–1969)

  • Elizabeth Styring Nutt

    Elizabeth Styring Nutt (1870–1946)

  • Ruth Salter Wainwright

    Ruth Salter Wainwright (1902–1984)

  • Maud Lewis

    Maud Lewis (1901–1970)

  • Edith Clayton

    Edith Clayton (1920–1989)

  • Alex Colville

    Alex Colville (1920–2013)

  • Gerald Ferguson

    Gerald Ferguson (1937–2009)

  • David Askevold

    David Askevold (1940–2008)

  • John Greer

    John Greer (b.1944)

  • Michael Fernandes

    Michael Fernandes (b.1944)

  • Tom Forrestall

    Tom Forrestall (b.1936)

  • Nancy Edell

    Nancy Edell (1942–2005)

  • James MacSwain

    James MacSwain (b.1945)

  • Sylvia D. Hamilton

    Sylvia D. Hamilton

  • Alan Syliboy

    Alan Syliboy (b.1952)

  • Colleen Wolstenholme

    Colleen Wolstenholme (b.1963)

  • Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby

    Emily Vey Duke (b.1972) and Cooper Battersby (b.1971)

  • Ursula Johnson

    Ursula Johnson (b.1980)

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