In his only illustrated work, now known as the Codex Canadensis, the Jesuit missionary priest Louis Nicolas created a unique record of the natural life and inhabitants he observed in New France. He also included two maps and three drawings to dedicate his album to King Louis XIV. The twelve works selected here are typical of his interest and of his style.

  • Louis Nicolas, Royal Crown of France, n.d.

    Royal Crown of France n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, King of the Great Nation of the Nadouessiouek, n.d.

    King of the Great Nation of the Nadouessiouek n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, Portrait of a Famous One-eyed Man, n.d.

    Portrait of a Famous One-eyed Man n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, Fishing by the Passinassiouek, n.d. 

    Fishing by the Passinassiouek n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, Aboriginal Rituals, n.d.

    Aboriginal Rituals n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, Plants, n.d.

    Plants n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, Unicorn of the Red Sea, n.d.

    Unicorn of the Red Sea n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, Amphibians, n.d.

    Amphibians n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, Birds, n.d.

    Birds n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, Papace, or Grey Partridge, n.d.

    Papace, or Grey Partridge n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, Sea Monster Killed by the French, n.d.

    Sea Monster Killed by the French n.d.

  • Louis Nicolas, Jacques Cartier’s Ship, n.d.

    Jacques Cartier’s Ship n.d.

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