Oscar Cahén moved nimbly between media, style, and subject matter as if he were twenty different artists in one. Consequently, the following handful of works necessarily omits many facets relevant to his oeuvre. Nevertheless, it is possible to tell a story of Cahén’s creative journey through a selection of his art that marks some of the major themes and formal aesthetic problems that concerned him, as well as through an exploration of the important milestones in his rise to prominence.

  • Oscar Cahén, Untitled (Piano Player), 1943

    Untitled (Piano Player) 1943

  • Oscar Cahén, Cover illustration for Hiroshima, 1946

    Hiroshima Cover illustration 1946

  • Oscar Cahén, Illustration for “The Californian’s Tale,” 1947

    Illustration for “The Californian’s Tale” 1947

  • Oscar Cahén, The Adoration, 1949

    The Adoration 1949

  • Oscar Cahén, Cover illustration for Maclean’s, January 15, 1952

    Maclean’s Cover illustration 1952

  • Oscar Cahén, Ascend, 1952

    Ascend 1952

  • Oscar Cahén, Growing Form, 1953

    Growing Form 1953

  • Oscar Cahén, Small Combo, c. 1954

    Small Combo 1954

  • Oscar Cahén, Illustration for “The First (And Last) Ottawa Street Café”, 1950

    Illustration for “The First (and Last) Ottawa Street Café” 1955

  • Oscar Cahén, Untitled (040), c. 1955

    Untitled (040) 1955

  • Oscar Cahén, Warrior, 1956

    Warrior 1956

  • Oscar Cahén, Multi-part Mural, Staff Lounge and Cafeteria of the Imperial Oil  Executive Office Building, Toronto, 1956

    Multi-part Mural for Imperial Oil Executive Office Building 1956

  • Oscar Cahén, Untitled, 1956

    Untitled (384) 1956

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