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  • Aldwinckle, Eric (Canadian, 1909–1980)

    An official war artist with the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War, Aldwinckle produced over 100 drawings and paintings depicting his experiences. A prominent graphic designer and teacher, he later was principal of the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCAD University). See artwork by this artist.

  • Alexcee, Frederick (Tsimshian, c.1857–c.1944)

    A Tsimshian artist who produced carvings, paintings, and lanternslide illustrations of life in his community of Lax Kw’alaams (Fort/Port Simpson) on the coast of northern British Columbia, Alexcee sold his works to European settlers. He was also trained as a halaayt carver and created objects such as nax nox (spirit) carvings for use in Tsimshian shamanic practices. See artwork by this artist. 

  • Allward, Walter Seymour (Canadian, 1874–1955)

    Following an apprenticeship in architectural ornamentation, the sculptor Walter Seymour Allward worked on a large scale, creating historic monuments and memorials for sites in Toronto, Ottawa, and throughout southern Ontario that include Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill. Allward is best known for his monumental Canadian National Vimy Memorial (1921–36) in Vimy, France, which commemorates both the First World War Battle of Vimy Ridge and the Canadians who died in France during the conflict that have no known grave. See artwork by this artist.

  • Armington, Caroline (Canadian, 1875–1939)

    Born in Brampton, Ontario, Armington was a nurse and an artist known for her paintings and etchings of Paris. From 1905 to 1910, Armington and her artist husband, Frank Armington, pursued further training at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière and the Académie Julian in Paris. During the First World War, Lord Beaverbrook commissioned Armington to create etchings for the Canadian War Memorials Fund. In 1939, Armington moved to New York, and remained there until her death later that year. See artwork by this artist. 

  • Averns, Dick (Canadian, b.1964)

    A Calgary-based multi-disciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, performance, and photography, Averns has taught at the University of Calgary, worked in arts administration, and curated exhibitions for the Founders’ Gallery at the Military Museums in Calgary. Averns travelled to the Middle East as a participant in the Canadian Forces Artists Program in 2009.

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