Frequently Asked Questions

The Canadian Schools Art Education Program offers both teacher resource guides and independent student learning activities. We answer some frequently asked questions about these invaluable tools below.

Q. How do ACI education program resources connect to my curriculum?

A. All our resources are informed by current curricula expectations of learning outcomes and transferable skills, and they are intended to be flexible. They can be adapted for use in any province or territory.


Q. What is the difference between teacher resource guides and independent student learning activities?

A. Our teacher resource guides were designed to give educators resources on artists and guidance on learning activities and cumulative tasks that can be adapted for different classrooms. In contrast, the independent student learning activities present activity pages intended to be distributed directly to students, for use in any learning environment—the classroom, the home, and online.


Q. Does ACI offer slides I can use in the classroom?

A. Yes! All our guides have links to image files with slides that you can download and edit.


Q. Does ACI offer handouts I can use in the classroom?

A. Yes! Each of our teacher resource guides includes a one-page overview of the artist’s life, a timeline, and a page about the artist’s approach to making art, and all of these can be used as handouts.


Q. I am homeschooling my child this year. Can I use ACI resources?

A. Absolutely. The independent student learning activities feature projects that can be done at home, but we would also encourage you to adapt ideas from the teacher resource guides.


Q. I am interested in resources on more contemporary artists – will you be publishing any more?

A. Yes, ACI is constantly adding to our educational resources. Sign up below for our education newsletter and receive notifications of new resources being published as well as special features on contemporary artworks you may wish to discuss with your students.


Q. Is the ACI Education Program on social media?

A. Yes, we are. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


Q. What kind of content appears in your education newsletters?

A. We spotlight artists and artworks from across the country, from historic periods to the present day, and we introduce new educational resources available on our site. Read our past newsletters here.

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